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Custom Pet Paintings

Capture Your Beloved Pet's Personality

With our custom pet paintings from photos, we’ll create artwork that captures your pet’s unique characteristics and charms, adding a personal touch to your home decor.

We are best in:

Pet Oil Painting

Experience the timeless beauty of pet oil paintings, carefully crafted from your favourite photos.

Pet Watercolouring

Add a splash of colour to your memories with our custom pet watercolour paintings.

Pet Cartoon

Bring joy to your day with our delightful pet cartoons, perfect for pet lovers of all ages

Pet Pencil Sketch

Capture the unique personality of your pet with our exquisite pet pencil sketches.

Pet Popart

Add a splash of colour to your home with our vibrant pet popart portraits.

Pet Memorial Portrait

Honour your cherished pet’s memory with our beautiful pet memorial portraits.

Custom Pet Portraits

Transform Memories into Art with Pet Hues

Get your favourite pet photos drawn into beautiful artwork with our custom pet portrait service, perfect for gifts or as timeless keepsakes.

Our beloved canine companion, a beacon of unconditional love and joy, forever in our hearts.

-Our Special Girl Lucy “9 years of love”

Pet memorial portraits are snapshots of the past, where brushstrokes capture the timeless bond we shared. In vibrant hues or gentle strokes of grey, they breathe life into memories, reminding us that love transcends even the bounds of time.

Hand Painted

Custom Pet Portraits from Photos

We offer a range of custom pet portraits that capture the unique spirit of your pet for a lasting memory to enjoy for many years to come.

Vibrant Masterpieces

Andy Warhol Pet Popart

Create a unique portrait of your pet that captures your beloved pet’s playful side through our collection of Unique Pet Popart portraits designed by skilled artists.

Imaginative Artworks

Pet Fantasy Portraits

Using our unique Pet Fantasy Portraits service, you can see your pet in a whole new light, casting them as the hero of their own fantastical tale.


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Welcome to Pet Hues, where we showcase our collection of exquisite pet portraits. As a passionate team of pet artists dedicated to capturing the unique beauty and personality of beloved pets.

Custom Pet Portraits FAQ's

What is the typical time required to complete a pet portrait?

Our standard production time for pet portraits, from ordering to completion, is typically 4-7 working days. For faster delivery, you can opt for express service, which takes only 2-4 working days. Once your pet portrait is drawn, we’ll send it to you for approval. If any changes are desired, we’ll do our best to accommodate them. Once the final pet portrait is approved, we can proceed with printing (if requested) and shipping. Please note that during peak periods with high order volumes, it may take longer than 72 hours.

For urgent orders, kindly contact us via phone or email with your specific requirements. To ensure timely delivery for a specific date, please contact us in advance to confirm the timeframe.

Is it possible to have multiple pets from different photos combined into a single drawing?

Certainly! We have the capability to create custom pet portraits by combining various pet photos into a single drawing. Whether you have multiple pets or want to incorporate different images of the same pet, we can accommodate your request and create a cohesive and stunning portrait that captures their unique essence.

Can you create a pet portrait according to specific dimensions?

Certainly! We have the ability to create pet portraits according to specific dimensions as per your request. Whether you desire a particular size or have specific requirements for your artwork, we can accommodate your needs and ensure that your pet portrait is tailored to the exact dimensions you prefer.

What kind of photos or images do you need for creating pet portraits?

To create a remarkable pet portrait, we kindly request that you provide us with a clear, close-up photo of your pet. It is preferable to have your pet in a calm and stationary position to minimize blurring. When capturing the photo, aim for an eye-level perspective rather than from above, ensuring that the face, ears, and neck are visible.

Natural lighting and shadows can add depth and character to the image, so try to avoid using flash if possible. While professional photography skills are not necessary, high-quality pictures yield the best results. If using a smartphone, please ensure that the image is not pixelated or a screenshot.

How many revisions am I allowed to make?

You have the freedom to request unlimited revisions! We want to ensure that your pet portrait is exactly how you envision it. We are more than happy to make small adjustments and tweaks to the initial draft until it meets your expectations.

To optimise the revision process, we recommend uploading a photo that closely aligns with your desired final image. Please note that major changes, such as altering the head position from a side-on photo to a front-facing view, may not be feasible after the first draft.

How are Pet Hues Pet Portraits made?

Our pet portraits are carefully crafted through a manual digital drawing process by our carefully selected team of skilled artists. Each portrait is individually created according to your specific order, ensuring a personalised and unique result.

We take pride in delivering high-quality artwork and do not rely on AI or automated applications in our process. Rest assured that your portrait is a product of human creativity, expertise, and attention to detail.

What is the pricing for a custom pet portrait?

The cost of a Pet Hues pet portrait is currently $119 per pet for a digital file delivered via email. Additional charges for framing or canvas will vary based on your desired size. Request a free and complimentary quote here.

Will I have the opportunity to preview my pet portrait before it is shipped?

Absolutely! As part of our process, we will send you a draft drawing via email for your review and approval. This allows you to assess the artwork and provide any necessary feedback or requested changes.

We are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction, so we will make the requested revisions and send the updated drawing back to you for confirmation. We will continue this iterative process until you are delighted with the final result of your pet portrait.

Do you draw portraits of animals other than cats and dogs?

Absolutely! Recognizing the diversity of pets in terms of species and characteristics. Our artistic expertise extends to creating pet portraits of various animals, from fish to horses and everything in between. Whether you have a unique exotic pet or a beloved farm animal, we can beautifully capture its essence in a custom pet portrait.

Can you make edits to remove unwanted things or add additional items to the pet portrait that are not present in the original photo?

Absolutely! We offer the flexibility to make edits according to your preferences. We can remove collars, bandanas, or any other objects that you would like to exclude from the final pet portrait. Moreover, we are happy to customise the portrait by adding specific accessories. Simply provide us with a photo of the accessory you’d like to include, and mention your request in the order notes. We strive to create a pet portrait that aligns perfectly with your vision.